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About Timberden & Architainer

Timberden & Architainer is a joint venture with Al Bina Decoration. Started as an exhibition design company in 2014, AB Decor was taken over by Timberden and Architainer in 2020 after the pandemic threatened the economy.

New ways and means to tackle the never ever before pandemic paved way for the formation of T&A.

We have undertaken renovation projects and are gaining attention from clients who were attracted to our modern design aesthetic and focus on modern architecture. Fast-forward a few years, AB Decor turned T&A transitioned from an exhibition company into a full-service interior design firm helping business owners re-imagine and transform their space and concepts.

IAEE – ITC Certificated
Years of Experience

Our Team

T&A targets to bring highly accomplished, dynamic individuals together in one group, along with selected brands that cater to this fast-paced industry. These will be the people behind the Industry-changing, inspiring, and, yes, even whimsical ideas that will move Exhibition & Interior Business and Concepts in new directions. The team T&A has veterans in the various sectors and we have resources to use AI and technology to innovate the production process.


Re-imagine and transform space and concepts.







Computer-aided design (CAD)


Staying On-Point



Our Skills

Our experience and expertise to create unique encounters and unforgettable moments

We can help you with

With Timberden & Architainer, No detail is close to nothing and no activity is too enormous. We mirror your aspirations in our work. Team T&A is proud of its ability to transform spaces of all shapes and sizes into interiors that showcase your vision in the most befitting manner. From project management through to design and fit, we provide a complete interior fit-out service that offers quality and value within the given budget.

T&A excels in providing tailor-made solutions for your Exhibits, be it custom made or Modular. We listen to you to create and tailor-cut ideas that best beams your vision and mission. Meticulous planning, imbibed technology in designs with rich visuals to enrich the experience, inspire interaction, and strengthen connections with your most valuable and potential clients, is our promise. Our deliverance is principled “On Time & On Budget” that will underline your need to bond with us in your future events and exhibits.

Newest product in our portfolio is Architainer. Shipping containers are architecturally transformed into an innovative living, camping, emergency situation rooms, farmhouses, and other space ideas with environment-friendly construction and clean energy are our priority. We promise a magic touch in interior and outdoor décor to the new generation of Architainer. All this is done with strict budgetary control and saving for the future. Your dream is our vision and mission.

Our in-depth experience in kiosk design experience, as well as in kiosk production create solutions that help clients address their market needs. All functionalities considering the space limitations is skilfully managed to give the maximum utility. Detailed drawings with Photo-realistic renderings are provided in the final stage of design for client approval. We also provide swatch boards for the approvals from location management or mall management.

With true events expertise on-board, T&A can take care of event management to make your job easier and deliver a spectacular result. We’re happy to take as big or as small a role as you wish. We can take care of all your event-planning needs, or act as a trusted partner and advisor, stepping in when needed. No matter the level of support you require, you can count on us to stick by your side, adding value every step of the way. We have a group of dedicated event professionals, associates, and suppliers who expertise in conceptualizing, planning, marketing, promoting, and executing corporate events, International events, and promotional activities. We love to join you from the very beginning to ensure that your event will run smoothly from conception to execution. We combine our access to the best audio-visual equipment with our experience and expertise to create unique encounters and unforgettable moments.

T&A bureau team leads by design excellence, innovation, and an in-depth understanding of how to use graphic arts to attract attention and new customers. From the initial idea phase through fulfillment, our team will work with you to find the best printing solution for any budget. We will be the most desirable print partner that is ready to go above and beyond for your success. You can rely on our highly trained staff that are able to do quick turnarounds no matter what the size of the job is.